Rotovac Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
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Tile Cleaning Equipment


The SX-12TM blasts soil and dirt from tile, grout, and smooth or rough hard surfaces.  The rotary arm spins to created amazing soil blasting power working from 700 to 2,000 psi while the vacuum ports pick up all the waste.  The SX-12 is ready to work with truckmount carpet machines, pressure washers and vacuum systems, or the Hydro-Force high pressure portable extractors.
  • Works on uneven stone, tile surfaces, or smooth concrete
  • Light-weight
  • Low profile; gets under counters
  • Non-Fatiguing: glides easily over the floor
  • Ergonomic, comfortable hand grips
  • Easy-pull trigger
  • 5-Year full replacement warranty on poly base unit
  • Unique airflow system allows use on portables or truckmounts - both with excellent solution recovery

AW104 - Retail Price: $875.50 Rotovac: $807.03


The same high-pressure rotary cleaning action of the SX-12 is concentrated into this 7" diameter cleaning monster.

Use the SX-7 on countertops, walls, or any tight space for unbelievable cleaning results.

AW101 Retail Price: $478.00 Rotovac: $440.80

Works with any truckmount or high-pressure portable.

Concentrates all the water pressure thorough an amazing new spray jet that creates extreme force for cleaning severely soiled grout.  Works with pressure from 100 psi to 2000 psi.  Primarily used as a detail tool for corners or edges.  May be needed for some grout lines with extreme soiling.  The wand and three different Gekko heads can be purchased separately.

AR54 Retail Price: $344.00 Rotovc: $312.55

Gekko 14" Brush Head

Best for cleaning smoother hard surfaces where extra agitation of a brush is needed.

AR54H Retail Price: $214.00 Rotovac: $193.80

Gekko 14" Squeegee Head

Best for cleaning where surface is uneven and/or where exceptional water removal is required.

AR54E Retail price: $207.00 Rotovac: $188.58

Gekko 5 1/2" Original Head

A must for edging and tight spots.  use where extra power is needed directly on heavily soiled or stained grout.

AR54D Retail Price: $145.00 Rotovac: $132.05

Stainless Steel Gekko Wand

Use with any or all of the three Gekko heads.

AR54A Retail Price: $228.85 Rotovac: $208.05

Gekko Edge/Corner/Coving Tool

Cleans corners, edges and coving with one easy stroke - or - use the included coving cover and just clean the edge of the floor.  Easily fits the Gekko wand.

AR54C Retail Price: $208.00 Rotovac: $189.95

SX7 Stand-Up
The SX7 concentrates extra power into a smaller area for extreme cleaning situations.  It works extremely well in small areas like bathrooms.  You can by the head alone to fit on a Gekko wand you already have or buy the entire assembly as you see it here.
Its inexpensive but very effective.

AW102 Retail Price: $651.00 Call for Rotovac's great pricing

Cobra Hand Tool
The Cobra hand tool cleans kitchen counter tops, corners, edges, bathrooms and any area that can't be reached with the XJS or the Gekko.  Its brush handles uneven surfaces easily and lets you agitate and extract all in one motion.  By changing the jet, you can go from hard-core narrow-focus grout blasting at 2,000 psi to a wider focus spray for bigger areas.
  • 2000 psi
  • Totally enclosed manifold
  • Fully insulated


AR52 Retail Price: $268.00 Rotovac: $249.00

Water Otter TM Power Washer


  • Commercial Duty Portable
  • American-Made Pump and Motor
  • 1,200 psi, 2.2 gpm at nozzle tip
  • 14.3 amp high efficiency motor
  • Maintenance-free 1200 psi pump
  • 1,000 hour continuous, full load rated
  • Simple repair, low cost parts
  • Each Component is "The Best Available"
  • GFCI with 35' cord
  • Female garden hose inlet
  • 1/4" Female quick connect outlet

120 Volt
250 to 1200psi
8 to 15 amps

AS1200 Retail Price: $929.00 Rotovac: $882.55

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