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"Restoration Power Head for High Performance Carpet & Tile Cleaning"


360 & 360i Heads & Cleaning Pads

    Carpet Head $395.00

The 360i comes standard with the swoop glide carpet cleaning head. This head has three stainless steel Swoop Glide vacuum ports and 3 spray jets. Designed for cleaning all types of carpet, residential or commercial.

PN: RA-194

    Carpet Quad Head $495.00

The Rotovac 360i Quad Head has a new optional cleaning head specially designed for high powered portable extractors or truck mounted machines. The Quad Head features FOUR stainless steel Swoop Glide vacuum ports and 4 spray jets producing higher flow with more agitation.


    Tile Cleaning Attachment $495.00

The Tile and Grout Cleaning Head is comprised of a rotary scrubbing brush with three straight down pressure wash spray jets to thoroughly clean the tile and the recessed grout lines. This head includes a vacuum Ring.

PN: RA-179

    Carpet Brush Head $395.00

The Carpet Brush Head has 3 vacuum ports and 3 spray jets incorporated into a brush head to give the extra agitation needed to restore those super dirty commercial carpets.


    Grey Grit Brush Head (soft) $295.00

This is a soft bristle for gently cleaning applications like vinyl, VC and soft stone.

PN: RA-192

    Black Grit Brush (stiff) $295.00

The black bristle is for heavy duty cleaning on surfaces that won't be effected by the extra stiff bristles. Great for cleaning Concrete!

PN: RA-205

    Bonnet Block Head $95.00

The Bonnet Block Head allows the 360i to use any type of bonnet pad for dry cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, hard floor cleaning or buffering.

PN: 12-DB-LH-I

    Stair Head $159.00

The 7" head condenses all the power of your extractor into a small diameter for cleaning tough spots such as wax, gum, tar, or any other area where extra power is needed. If this head won't clean it, nothing will.

PN: RA-183

    Cotton Bonnet Head $15.00

Low profile, premium polyester-rayon blend loops for thorough cleaning, absorbency, and durability.  Recommended by floor care professionals for carpet cleaning and buffing resilient floors (vinyl, linoleum, hardwood,etc).  


    Diamond Dust Pads $39.95 Each

Diamond Dust Pads are great for removing light scratches from marble and other natural stone surfaces. This head can be used in conjunction with vacuum ring pick up to leave the floor clean and dry.

PN: 12-Diamond-400
PN: 12-Diamond-800
PN: 12-Diamond-1500
PN: 12-Diamond-3000

    Cleaning & Polishing Pads $7.00 Each

These scrubbing pads are used to spray and scrub hard surfaces like tile and grout, smooth concrete, linoleum or any other smooth flooring surface. An assortment of pads are availible from light cleaning to heavy duty stripping.

PN: 12-Thick-Black
PN: 12-Thick-Red
PN: 12-Thick-White



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