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EDIC Dynamo 5W/8W Wet/Dry Vacuum

EDIC Dynamo Wet/Dry Vaccums There is literally nothing like the Supernova series - remarkable self-contained extractors that clean in both forward and reverse! The patented two-way system provides unparalleled productivity in any setting - clean up to 4,000 square feet in one hour.

All models operate forward on hallways and other open areas, but with a simple pull of a lever instantly change to reverse to clean corners and other tight areas for a dramatic reduction in labor costs. A specially designed vacuum head allows cleaning on hard floors in addition to carpets, without any cumbersome attachments. Just walk off carpet on to hard floors - it's that simple.

Dual vacuum motors and a 19” cleaning width on the 800 and 1200 models combine with a host of other exclusive features to guarantee unrivaled performance.

EDIC Dynamo Wet/Dry Vaccums

8-Piece Tool Kit
  • Two-way system for forward and reverse operation.
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoes for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors plus longer brush life.
  • Exclusive “clam-shell” body provides fast and easy internal access for quick servicing.
  • Fully adjustable handle.
  • Patented 4-wheel design gives extradinary balance and reduces turning radius for easy maneuverability in tight areas.
  • Side extension for cleaning right to baseboards.
EDIC Dynamo Wet/Dry Vaccums

Deluxe 8-Piece
Tool Kit

TANKpolyethylenestainless steelpolyethylenestainless steel
CAPACITY5 gallon5 gallon8 gallon8 gallon
MOTOR100w, 2-stage, 1.5 HP100w, 2-stage, 1.5 HP100w, 2-stage, 1.5 HP100w, 2-stage, 1.5 HP
WATER LIFT86 inches86 inches86 inches86 inches
POWER CORD33 ft.33 ft.33 ft.33 ft.
NOISE LEVEL60 dB60 dB60 dB60 dB
WHEELS3” casters3” casters3” casters3” casters
TOOL KIT8 piece8 piece8 piece deluxe8 piece deluxe
PAPER FILTERoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
HEPA FILTERoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
HOSE1.5” swivel connector1.5” swivel connector1.5” swivel connector1.5” swivel connector
DIMENSIONS22” x 16” x 16”22” x 16” x 16”30” x 16” x 16”30” x 16” x 16”
WEIGHT20 lbs.20 lbs.21 lbs.21 lbs.
SHIPPING WEIGHT32 lbs.32 lbs.38 lbs.38 lbs.
SHIP DIMENSIONS17” x 17” x 25”17” x 17” x 25”17” x 17” x 32”17” x 17” x 32”
WARRANTY3 years on tank, 1 year on parts
RETAIL PRICE $450.00 $780.00 $520.00 $825.00
ROTOVAC PRICE $400.00 $715.00 $466.00


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