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GE Protimeter MMS Plus

GE Protimeter MMS Moisture Detection Instrument carpet cleaning machines Three meters in one
The complete meter package! The MMS Plus system combines three different meter functions into one convenient unit, plus it serves as a data logger. It’s a revolutionary tool, one that’s ideal for the restorer that wants to update to an all-in-one system.

Hygrometer Mode
Measures the relative humidity, temperature, dewpoint, proximity to dewpoint, and grains per pound (GPP) with the modular, replaceable Protimeter HygrostickTM.

Pin Measure Mode
Use the penetrating pins to determine the moisture content of wood and the Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) value of other building materials. Add an optional Hammer Electrode to increase versatility.

Pinless Measure Mode
Uses non-invasive radio frequencies to detect the presence of moisture without damaging materials.

Data Logger
Stores up to 1,000 results (with date and time stamp) for downloading to your computer. Allows you to keep clear records of drying conditions that help to safeguard your business and protect your customers.

The complete MMS includes
  • Hygrostick probe
  • Hygrostick extension lead
  • Heavy-duty pin extension lead
  • Surface temperature sensor
  • 5” deep wall probes
  • Wood calibration chart
  • Calibration check device
  • Spare pins
  • Data download software
  • Data cable
  • Nylon carry pouch
  • Instructions

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Gross Weight10.58 oz
Dimensions7” x 2.5” x 1.9”
Max Needle Depth0.4”
Batteries (included)2 AA Batteries
Measurement Range 
   Pin (% WME)6 to 99.9%
   Non-Invasive (RF)0 to 1000 (relative)
up to 1” deep
   Hygrostick (RH)20 to 100% RH,
32º to 122º F
Temp Probe Range15º to 120º F
Hygrostick Data 
   30 to 40% RH±2.5% RH
   41 to 98% RH±1.75% RH
   0.5º to 122º F±4.5%
Retail Price $1,199.00
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